2017r2.1 Release Notes

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(September 12, 2017)

This release fixes important issues found in Xojo 2017r2.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes (16 cases)

Case Area Description
49060 Database Plugins PostgreSQLDatabase no longer returns an error after Connect is called on an already connected database, unless of course that connection is lost.
49172 Framework » All Characters in single byte encodings or nil encodings with a value >= 128 now compare correctly. This was a regression in 2017r2.
49196 Framework » Linux Dragging a DragItem over a recipient that does not accept the drop no longer crashes.
49215 Framework » Linux Linux IDE no longer crashes when TextArea or ComboBox controls are on the layout editor.
49414 Framework » Linux Fixed placement of DisclosureTriangle, ImageWell, ProgressWheel, and SegmentedControl on a non-Transparent ContainerControl
49442 Framework » Linux FillColor no longer returns a completely Transparent color on some distros.
49478 Framework » Linux Custom Mouse cursors (i.e. mouse cursors that are dragged into the project) no longer causes application to crash.
49153 Framework » Windows Strings in various DOS encodings now compare case insensitively. This was a regression in 2017r2 on Windows.
49190 Framework » Windows The X, Y parameters in ListBox.DropObjectOnRow are no longer offset by the Window left/top.
49298 Framework » Windows Screen Left/AvailableLeft are now based off the main screen DPI. This allows proper placement when dealing with multiple monitors with different DPI scales.
49379 IDE » Code Editor Shift-return no longer incorrectly alters the line the cursor was on when you pressed shift-return.
49200 IDE » Inspector Inspector no longer ignores keys when running the Japanese IDE.
49255 IDE » Inspector Page panels properly move thing as you reorganize the panels.
49297 IDE » Inspector Changing a control’s super class properly updates the Inspector.
49080 IDE » Miscellaneous Exception when opening run remote setup no longer occurs on Linux.
49253 IDE » Structure Editor Structure editor switch shows as expected.