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(March 28, 2017)

This Xojo release has over 230 changes and improvements, with a major focus on debugging, including 64-bit debugging and Raspberry Pi Remote Debugging.

  • 64-bit debugging now work on MacOS
  • 64-bit debugging now works on Linux
  • Remote Debugging to Raspberry Pi
  • Improved printing support on Windows (now using Direct2D)
  • Improved Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket on Windows
  • Code Editor improvements
  • Menu shortcut editor allows to you set and change all IDE menu shortcuts
  • WebKit HTMLViewer on Windows is now much faster and standard-compliant (uses Chromium Embedded Framework 3)
  • Support for HTML in text-based web controls

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes (164 cases)

Case Area Description
45948 Build IDE no longer mistakenly reports a build error when you try to build an already running project.
45598 Compiler The compiler now reports the correct error when properties have non-constant default values.
45902 Compiler Fixed an assertion in the compiler when the number of plugin methods was abnormally high.
45920 Compiler Passing in a non-Nil base object when calling a shared method via MethodInfo.Invoke no longer causes the application to crash.
39072 Crashes & Assertions » Crash Multiline literal values in web controls that start with a # no longer cause compiler error.
46490 Crashes & Assertions » Failed Assertion Relative paths in the destination directory of a Copy File Step no longer cause issues with its execution.
46905 Crashes & Assertions » Failed Assertion Made it so you cannot drag the sign step outside the iOS Build Step list and that it won’t save one that is outside this list. Also if you happen to have project with these symptoms you can delete the extra ones outside the build step list.
45622 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception An unhandled OutOfBoundsException that could happen when reopening a project has been fixed.
45624 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception An exception that could occur when closing the project window when the autocomplete popup is showing has been fixed.
46054 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Layout Contraint rules that refer to non-existent controls no longer cause exceptions in the IDE.
46258 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Fixed a NilObjectException that could arise when undoing the creation of a new web control.
46322 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Undoing the addition of a web control to a layout no longer causes an exception.
46538 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Fixed a situation where a malformed report could cause an OutOfBoundsException.
46957 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Exception caused by dropping an ICNS file onto the icon pane in a File Type Set has been fixed.
47090 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Renaming one overload on one tab no longer causes an exception when you have the same item revealed in multiple tabs Note there is a refresh issue on the other tabs reported in case #47116.
47273 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Filtering the Navigator and then deleting an item no longer continues to show that deleted item.
46310 Debugger Naming a class “Decimal” no longer results in an instance that is not viewable in the debugger.
1705 Framework » All Listbox contextual-clicks over selected items no longer deselect the items.
12551 Framework » All Updated AutoDiscovery.SendMessageToGroup page to indicate that the group must first be registered.
46268 Framework » All Windows SegmentedControl now draws properly for 64-bit builds.
46297 Framework » All Listbox RowPicture no longer looks blurred.
46455 Framework » All RGBSurface.FloodFill now works properly for 64-bit builds.
46700 Framework » All The constructor for DatabaseField should not have been public and no longer is. You now get a suitable compilation error if you try to use it.
44931 Framework » Linux Linux restores project windows and floating palettes properly. Note that UI State data is NOT rewritten if there are no changes in any project type, so simply moving palettes and making no other changes will not be preserved.
31208 Framework » Web Using Me in a WebToolbar event refers to the toolbar as you’d expect.
45753 Framework » Web IDE no longer breaks into the debugger if an exception occurs while destroying a WebGraphics instance with pictures attached.
45901 Framework » Web Framework properties (like _DeclareLineRendered) are no longer searched or reported as part of search results.
45949 Framework » Web HandleSpecialURL and HandleURL clients which disconnect early no longer leave a thread waiting for the socket to finish sending data.
46000 Framework » Web Setting the Text property of a WebSearchField now works properly on Firefox and Chrome.
46093 Framework » Web Fixed a regression which caused WebImageVIew pictures set by URL to not show at runtime.
46355 Framework » Web Having a WebTimer on a page no longer affects the behavior of other controls when the Action event fires.
46440 Framework » Web WebMapViewer now supports use of an API Key. See for more information.
46573 Framework » Web WebDeviceLocation no longer shows the DropObject event.
47064 Framework » Web Using the abbreviated name for a property type works as expected.
47375 Framework » Web Images in WebImageViews which are loaded from URLs no longer have the browser's scalefactor applied.
38786 Framework » Windows Listbox checkbox tick is now visible with High Contrast themes.
41355 Framework » Windows HTMLViewer that uses the WebKit renderer now works on 64-bit Windows builds instead of raising an exception.
42110 Framework » Windows On Windows, the System.Log now correctly reports the application name in the source field.
42596 Framework » Windows Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket events are now called when HTTPSocket is created on a thread.
43862 Framework » Windows Window MDI applications now work for 64-bit builds.
44886 Framework » Windows On Windows, Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket PageReceived event now receives content for 401 HTTP status code.
45829 Framework » Windows RuntimeException is now raised when Windows exceeds its resource limit when creating timers.
46166 Framework » Windows BevelButton caption on Windows now respects the Point size instead of always treating the size as pixels.
46178 Framework » Windows Now positions the BevelButton popup menu correctly for HiDPI.
46218 Framework » Windows Updated printing code to use the latest Direct2D printing APIs. This improves text rendering and drawing so it no longer looks pixelated.
46219 Framework » Windows Print margins are now respected for all printer devices.
46284 Framework » Windows On Windows, MouseCursors constructed from an ImageSet now correctly displays the best cursor in HiDPI mode.
46285 Framework » Windows On Windows, Graphics.Transparency now works correctly. Before it would require a color change to be set before the Transparency would take effect.
46300 Framework » Windows On Windows, constructing a new MouseCursor with a custom Picture that has white Transparent set now correctly masks out the white transparent bits.
46406 Framework » Windows Listbox thin dotted horizontal grid lines no longer show as a solid grey line.
46416 Framework » Windows On Windows, Sheet windows are now window modal instead of app modal, this aligns with the behavior of Sheet Windows on macOS.
46534 Framework » Windows Windows now disposes of Timer resources sooner so that in tight loops these will be freed, without having to invoke the event loop, when adjusting the Timer mode/period.
46709 Framework » Windows Fixed some incorrect font metric calculations which made DrawString not draw on the baseline consistently. This change affects the Graphics text metric calculations such as TextAscent, and TextHeight.
46716 Framework » Windows Made masking system work the same as before, i.e. we look at the “Red” byte of the Mask to determine masking behavior.
46768 Framework » Windows On Windows/Linux, built desktop apps missing plugin libraries now raises an error dialog before quitting.
46989 Framework » Windows Images with a resolution of 96PPI are now loaded properly instead of being incorrectly converted to 72PPI.
47074 Framework » Windows Graphics.StringHeight no longer crashes when a WrapWidth < 0 is specified.
47196 Framework » Windows StringShape and PixmapShape rotation on a non-double buffered Canvas now rotates around the center point correctly.
47258 Framework » Windows Non-transparent Labels on a parent control (like Canvas, ContainerControl or GroupBox) that sits on a TabPanel now correctly erases its background when the Text caption changes.
47379 Framework » Windows Multiline StringShapes now draw with the correct alignment.
46914 Framework » iOS iOS app store builds work with Xcode 8.3.
39338 IDE Duplicating a constant results in a new row with the proper text in it.
45343 IDE The iOS Build For App Store setting is now saved like every other project property.
45755 IDE Minimize of the resolve issues dialog has been disabled.
45766 IDE If you start loading a project and close the last open project window the IDE no longer quits (as it’s opening a new project to work on).
45767 IDE Rows refresh in the Image Set Editor as soon as you add an item.
46712 IDE Buttons on “Saving will lose data dialog” are not clipped on Windows.
26616 IDE » Auto Complete PathTypeNative icon in autocomplete shows as other path type constant values (as an integer).
33138 IDE » Auto Complete Only unique entries are shown in the autocomplete popup for code completion.
36966 IDE » AutoLayout Fixed a situation where an Auto-Layout constraint was not properly using Std Gap from Left.
46679 IDE » Build Automation Copy file steps copy the symlinks in a framework (rather than the target of the sym link).
31894 IDE » Code Editor Encodebase64 / DeccodeBase64, EncodeQuotedPrintable / DecodeQuotedPrintable, EncodeURLComponent / DecodeURLComponent, MD5 now all show code tips again.
46018 IDE » Code Editor Shift-return closes continued if then else statements as expected.
46201 IDE » Code Editor Made it so that if you paste at the beginning of a line an LTrim is done. If you paste mid-line, then no trim is done.
46913 IDE » Code Editor Xojo namespace completes as UpperCamelCase.
46935 IDE » Code Editor Clipboard text is indented using spaces not tabs.
47300 IDE » Code Editor Creating a method using the extract method assistant properly honors the setting in the dialog and does not just adopt the last scope that was used.
42699 IDE » FileTypes Editor Explanatory text now uses System font instead of SmallSystem.
46336 IDE » FileTypes Editor File Type Set DisplayName property no longer rejects keyword names.
46442 IDE » FileTypes Editor Editing a File Type Set properly show the project as having unsaved changed.
32471 IDE » Inspector Select All (cmd-A or Ctrl-A) when in the Font name field of the Inspector no longer selects every item on the layout.
34891 IDE » Inspector Descenders in Inspector group titles are no longer clipped.
40536 IDE » Inspector MenuBarVisible is now in a Deprecated Group on the Advanced tab for Windows.
45434 IDE » Inspector Position fields (top, left, width and height) no longer end up using “multiple” as part of the field value when several items are selected and edited.
45496 IDE » Inspector Unwanted ellipsis characters are not retained when creating the method signature.
45603 IDE » Inspector Editing a method signature works a lot better on Linux than it used to
45865 IDE » Inspector Enumerations, Notes, Structures and Using Clauses now select their full name in the Inspector when you add one.
46073 IDE » Inspector A class instance dragged to a layout no longer has the “Interfaces” item in the inspector since you cant actually add an interfaces to such a thing.
46465 IDE » Inspector Control Set editor shows control set index on Linux (as it already did on Windows/Mac).
46496 IDE » Inspector Case changes of declarations in the property inspector are no longer rejected.
46632 IDE » Inspector Controls are converted to a Control Set in a sensible order.
46801 IDE » Inspector Tab order when editing properties, methods, event declarations, etc. no longer sometimes gets lost.
45749 IDE » Language Reference Help topics now go to the right location when using the online references.
46207 IDE » Language Reference Removed duplicates class method entries.
46209 IDE » Language Reference Updated offline Reference Guide with latest content.
46563 IDE » Language Reference Local LR shows “lock” icons on read only items.
46686 IDE » Language Reference Links to Integer (Size-Specific) page now work.
46734 IDE » Language Reference Get and GetHeaders links on HTTPSocket are now working.
36171 IDE » Layout Editor You can now copy a control set if you select the set itself.
43368 IDE » Layout Editor WebPopup text in popover editor is no longer too small.
46449 IDE » Layout Editor In a ListBox, the InitialValue gets used as the column headings when HasHeading is True.
47010 IDE » Layout Editor Instances of toolbars (not instances of subclasses of toolbars) show in the tray area.
45717 IDE » Library In a web project, dragging a Thread object from the Library now results in an object that inherits from WebThread instead of just Thread.
46337 IDE » Library The icon in the explanation area of the Library is now high-res on Windows.
46969 IDE » Menu Editor Menu editor no longer requires 2 clicks to select the first item.
46764 IDE » Menu Shortcut Editor Warning icons are not cut off.
11934 IDE » Miscellaneous Floating palettes open at the size you left them.
25785 IDE » Miscellaneous Strings no longer get clipped on preferences panes on Linux.
30078 IDE » Miscellaneous Constant Inspector uses a switch control to enable a Dynamic Constant.
30841 IDE » Miscellaneous Text in editor name fields are selected when they are opened.
31313 IDE » Miscellaneous If you Cancel when not using builds folders, and the IDE proposes to finish the build by moving the built app + all ancillary files next to the project, this will be skipped and the built app will be deleted thereby “cancelling” the build.
31596 IDE » Miscellaneous Fixed some minor cosmetic layout issues with the Xojo Update window.
31805 IDE » Miscellaneous IDE Scripts do not open with the unsaved changes indicator appearing as set.
32139 IDE » Miscellaneous SegmentedControl that got into a bad state now loads and does not cause errors when run. Subsequent edits fix the control.
32737 IDE » Miscellaneous Removed the Alt-L accelerator from the Classic Language Reference menu item.
34284 IDE » Miscellaneous Comment command bar item hides in appropriate situations.
34992 IDE » Miscellaneous Dragging a class and a Window together into a module now is properly rejected and no longer causes an exception (Windows cannot be contained in Modules).
35146 IDE » Miscellaneous A copy file step that tries to copy to an illegal location will now cancel the build and report which step failed to run properly.
36824 IDE » Miscellaneous A Boolean constant with no default value set is treated as though it is set to false.
38307 IDE » Miscellaneous If you move an open project, the IDE now displays an error dialog (instead of previously causing an unhandled exception). This mostly affects Windows and Linux.
40117 IDE » Miscellaneous Run/Break/Analyze etc will show up in what ever workspace is/was front most.
40165 IDE » Miscellaneous Define Missing Method no longer messes up array parameters. It used to create them as “param as type()”, but now it now creates “param() as type”.
42606 IDE » Miscellaneous IDE checks that the name of the app being run / built does not contain characters that would make the app not run.
45804 IDE » Miscellaneous Build for OS X is not checked when the framework is updated from Carbon to Cocoa. You could see this had happened if you opened and old project that may have had its framework set to Carbon and opened it in a new IDE and opened a new tab.
45813 IDE » Miscellaneous If the IDE has the modal File Open dialog open and you try to then drag a project onto the IDE it will beep and refuse to allow the drag in order to avoid a possible deadlock that can happen with modal dialogs.
45921 IDE » Miscellaneous Saving as text projects no longer continue to warn about skipped items once you save once Note this has no effect on IDE’s older than this version
46176 IDE » Miscellaneous Custom menu item subclasses save and restore custom property values.
46188 IDE » Miscellaneous SegmentedControls can be set in the tab order.
46216 IDE » Miscellaneous Duplication of using clauses now works.
46240 IDE » Miscellaneous Closing a window with the debugger in it reset the run / build toolbar button on other windows.
46277 IDE » Miscellaneous Made Preferences window on Windows wider.
46307 IDE » Miscellaneous Undoing the cut of a using clause now works.
46403 IDE » Miscellaneous If for some reason the Language Reference cannot write out the resources it needs to show a page then it displays an error dialog rather than causing an unhandled exception.
46457 IDE » Miscellaneous Corrected “jitter” that could occur when reloading a project.
46469 IDE » Miscellaneous Closing the Update panel when a download is in progress no longer causes an exception.
46523 IDE » Miscellaneous Reloading a project no longer reloads with a window set to smaller than the minimum sizes.
46560 IDE » Miscellaneous Selecting a computed property + its getter/setter and deleting them no longer causes an exception.
46661 IDE » Miscellaneous Ctrl-Shift-T is not used twice as a menu shortcut in the Windows IDE any more.
46763 IDE » Miscellaneous Corrected case of labels on Preferences window.
47106 IDE » Miscellaneous In the Debugging Preferences, the Add sheet window no longer attaches itself to floating palettes when they are enabled for Library/Inspector.
35852 IDE » Navigator Convert to computed and undoing it both leave the selection in the right place.
37527 IDE » Navigator Pressing delete on the row that has the name of a group of overloaded methods removes all of the methods at once regardless of whether the row is expanded or not.
40037 IDE » Navigator You can now click on the Event Handlers heading to copy a Control Set.
41601 IDE » Navigator Pressing delete on the Event Handlers row of a control set removes the event handlers and no longer causes an exception.
45535 IDE » Navigator Delegates remain grouped in the same manner as overloaded methods.
46122 IDE » Navigator Selecting a container type, like a folder, and some or all of its contents will not longer take the contents and move them outside the container.
46295 IDE » Navigator Fixed the top nav canvas item when the project item is selected You get a list of things that can be inserted into the project when you right click
46387 IDE » Navigator Make it so rows retain the proper badged icon when you alter attributes (add or remove would actually do this).
46554 IDE » Navigator Jump bar enables / disables and redraws when tabs are locked / unlocked.
46612 IDE » Navigator Right click on the “Classes” row in a module allows you to add both Classes and Interfaces.
46631 IDE » Navigator Fixed an issue when duplicating properties that makes it appear that they are all uniquely named but when you reload the project you may have properties with duplicate names.
46971 IDE » Navigator Selecting items when the Navigator is scrolled slightly now works correctly.
47116 IDE » Navigator Renaming a method on one tab refreshes other tabs with new overload groups as needed.
47130 IDE » Rendering Pictures with masks applied using other project items no longer cause exception when run in HiDPI mode.
39636 IDE » Scripting XojoScript files are listed first in dialog filter when selecting an External Build Script to add.
47188 IDE » Updater Updating from the IDE works as expected and downloads and mounts the DMG on Mac.
45740 IDE » Warnings Panel Analysis warning panel opens at a better size so you can see the entires and doesn’t let you shrink it down to nothingness.
46736 IDE » Web Page Editor Changes to web labels and web check boxes cause the document to be marked as changed.
46911 IDE » Web Page Editor No longer crashes the IDE when the number of columns would result in very small widths for columns.
37714 IDE » Window Editor Switching small tabs on / off changes their appearance in the Layout Editor.
46501 Introspection Accessing the type of a property via introspection no longer raises an exception when the type is a delegate.
46730 Plugin SDK On Windows, Graphics.DrawPicture now correctly respects the graphics origin offsets (which only get modified by plugin controls).
43460 Remote Debugger Stub Windows IDE no longer crashes when remote debug app is stopped in the IDE.
47102 Remote Debugger Stub Remote Debugger Desktop no longer has an extra blank menu to the left of the File menu.

Changes (34 cases)

Case Area Description
46557 Framework » All Added DragItem.MoveFirst so you can move to the first item of a DragItem so that you can repeatedly iterate through a DragItem that contains multiple items.
46575 Framework » All Listbox now has a new event to customize the disclosure widget: Event Listbox.DisclosureWidgetPaint(g As Graphics, row As Integer, ByRef x As Integer, ByRef y As Integer, ByRef width As Integer, ByRef height As Integer) As Boolean Invoked for hierarchical ListBoxes when the framework needs to draw the disclosure triangle for a folder row. This is invoked after CellBackgroundPaint and before CellTextPaint. The x, y, width and height parameters: • Default to the coordinates for drawing the built-in widget • These coordinates are also used for hit testing to determine if a mouse down should toggle the row's expanded state. • Are ByRef so the user can specify the location of the rectangle used for hit testing when drawing their own widget, if for instance the hit area is smaller than the drawn widget. • Setting width or height to zero will completely hide the triangle and no hit testing will be done. • Returning False causes the framework widget to be drawn. • Returning True prevents the framework from drawing its own disclosure widget, signaling that the event has performed all of the necessary drawing. • Changing the Width parameter will offset the graphic object that is provided in the following CellTextPaint event by the same offset. i.e. if the supplied Width is 10, but the code changes it to 5 the graphic object in the CellTextPaint event would be offset by 5 pixels to the left.
45204 Framework » Web You can now enclose text in <raw></raw> tags in the App.DisconnectMessage property to send unparsed HTML to the page.
45815 Framework » Web Web apps deployed to Xojo Cloud now only listen on localhost.
45909 Framework » Windows Updated printing to use the latest Direct2D printing APIs (this improves text rendering and drawing), but requires Windows 7 with Platform Updates, otherwise it falls back to the old implementation of printing everything as one big picture.
46060 Framework » Windows HTMLViewer now uses CEF3 when WebKit is selected as the renderer (Windows).
46215 IDE When creating a new desktop project on Windows, the Supports HiDPI setting is enabled by default.
46227 IDE Images in the Image Set Editor draw using their original aspect ratio.
46346 IDE Compile errors which resulted in dialogs are now correctly routed back to the IDECommunicator when using IDE Build Automation.
45550 IDE » AutoLayout Autolayout rule list shows names if they are present.
21309 IDE » Code Editor Made it so if you drag an external item into the code editor that path to that external item is typed in.
37846 IDE » Code Editor The tip at the bottom of the code editor will, when you are over a break point marker give an appropriate tip about toggling the break point on or off.
33960 IDE » Inspector Properties that are arrays will permit either a blank default OR NIL (both of which are perfectly legal for arrays. Any other value will be refused and a suitable warning shown.
45642 IDE » Inspector The List of iOS controls a constraint can be relative to is now sorted.
46453 IDE » Inspector Tabbing out of the method editor signature panes puts focus in the code editor. On Windows and Linux since the scope popup can get focus it will always be after tabbing out of the scope popup. On macOS this may be tabbing out of the scope popup (if full keyboard access is on) or from the return type field (if full keyboard access is off).
46682 IDE » Language Reference The Find command short cut returns focus to the filter field in the Doc Viewer. CueText is set to “filter” which is consistent with navigator (and more descriptive of what it does).
34430 IDE » Layout Editor Controls draw disabled when not enabled (they lighten by 35%).
45897 IDE » Layout Editor Made it so that when you subclass a control then any text font and text size set in Inspector Behavior will be used rather than overwritten by the Xojo Layout Preferences font values. Note that this does alter normal behavior and that the subclassed value basically has to be overridden in the Inspector Behavior as it will never be overridden by the preferences values.
46514 IDE » Layout Editor iOS project now refer to devices by size and not specific iPhone models.
2468 IDE » Miscellaneous macOS ONLY - Alphas and betas will be badged in the dock.
5252 IDE » Miscellaneous Since the fonts “System” and “SmallSystem” imply a size when selected as the font for they will use “size 0” - their default size.
7604 IDE » Miscellaneous Duplicate functions in the menu editor to duplicate single items or entire menus.
23929 IDE » Miscellaneous Loading progress has a title that is “Loading Project” and the actual message on the window says which project is being loaded.
23983 IDE » Miscellaneous Menu Editor uses the name of the application in the menu editor layout when showing the macOS style menu (Windows and Linux don’t use it or show it anywhere in their default style).
35380 IDE » Miscellaneous Checks for Update to Cocoa and Bundle ID are only done on Mac. The Bundle ID is also checked if you try to build for Mac from another platform.
36835 IDE » Miscellaneous Xojo Update dialog button now says “Restart” when an update is installed making it clearer what is going to occur.
37284 IDE » Miscellaneous When saving an iOS project, the views retain the orientation and device settings so when you reopen the project the layout is as you left it.
39698 IDE » Miscellaneous The code that checks for macOS issues when opening a project (such as a missing Bundle ID) now only checks when the project is opened on macOS.
45676 IDE » Navigator Internally a regex is used to break the filter up.
45678 IDE » Navigator When filtering by type, type is treated as “starts with” much like the filter itself is.
29981 IDE » Project Editor You can now convert multiple selected members to shared members at once.
47365 Miscellaneous Support for SSLv3 on Xojo Cloud services has been deprecated and will be disabled on all servers in Summer 2017.
47213 Remote Debugger Stub 64-bit stubs support having 32 or 64 bit apps sent to them. When you use a 64-bit stub the IDE settings for that target are used to select whether a 32 or 64 bit build is sent. Note: Because 64-bit debugging is not yet available on Windows there is no 64-bit remote debugging on Windows and only 32 bit builds will be sent to remote debuggers.
47245 Remote Debugger Stub Remote debugger desktop version is now 2.1.

New Items (7 cases)

Case Area Description
35156 Framework » Web Text that will be drawn in the browser as HTML can now be surrounded by <raw></raw> tags to temporarily disable HTML parsing. For example, you could bold just a single word with this code: <xmp>Label1.Text = &quot;This is a line with <raw>bold</raw> text in it.&quot;</xmp> Controls that work with this: WebLabel, WebRadioGroup, WebListBox, WebToolbarButton, WebToolbarContainer, WebToolbarMenu, WebSegmentedControl.
39702 IDE » Build Automation IDECommunicator now supports asynchronous communications. When using the new protocol, script and build errors are now returned in JSON structures.
45102 IDE » Layout Editor Can select a group of controls and extract the text and string properties from them to constants.
4155 IDE » Miscellaneous Made it so you can have "Standardize Format" act when you hit return (to finish a line), when you paste a block of text or when you hit "super return" to finish a block.
5101 IDE » Miscellaneous It is possible to toggle the display of line numbers on and off in code editors.
6649 IDE » Miscellaneous Preferences now have a panel where users can remap the menu short cut keys.
12480 IDE » Miscellaneous Added a “CloseProject” IDE Script method that will find and close all windows associated with the project that is open in the front most project window. Note that if there are unsaved changes when you call this you may get a dialog asking if you want to save changes.

Docs and Examples (44 cases)

Case Area Description
45882 Documentation Updated SQLite example databases to use a PageSize of 4096 for better compatibility with SQLite 3.14.1.
45932 Documentation Corrected sample code for WebApplication.HandleSpecialURL.
46939 Documentation Improved how Raspberry Pi support is described in System Requirements.
41796 Documentation » Miscellaneous Added info to Task page about possibility of Task going out of scope before UpdateUI event can complete.
46819 Documentation » Miscellaneous Updated 64-bit Guidelines.
46983 Documentation » User's Guide Added “How can I build my app?” to the FAQ section of the Dev Center:
46192 Examples For EddiesElectronics sample project, the DB is now copied to SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport as a typical app would do. This also allows the sample to run properly on Mac when opened from the project chooser Examples.
46616 Examples Simple Web Server example now sends correct headers so that it works with modern browsers. Thanks to Marius Dieter Noetzel.
46723 Examples LinkLabel example no longer uses NewPicture method.
46760 Examples Updated AddHandler example to use Xojo.Core.Timer and WeakAddressOf.
47241 Examples Updated DragPicture example project to support dragging in files.
47277 Examples iOS XojoNotes example now works properly when run on iPad.
18151 Language Reference » Documentation Added “Namespace and Library Lookup Information” to the Declare Notes page.
18560 Language Reference » Documentation Updated ODBCDatabase page to add missing DriverNames method and ExtendedSchema property.
20756 Language Reference » Documentation Updated AddHandler page with information for AddressOf and WeakAddressOf.
29988 Language Reference » Documentation Added example to RectControl.AcceptFileDrop and DragEnter to show how to restrict drops to only folders.
30258 Language Reference » Documentation Added additional OpenGLSurface notes.
31509 Language Reference » Documentation Updated and improved XojoScript and IDE Scripting docs. and
33108 Language Reference » Documentation CString page updated with information on what can cause it to become invalid.
34664 Language Reference » Documentation Clarified Date.TotalSeconds to “The number of seconds since 12:00AM, January 1, 1904, local time.”
38192 Language Reference » Documentation Updated Timer and Xojo.Core.Timer pages with additional information about usage and links to AddHandler.
42229 Language Reference » Documentation Updated Xojo.IO.BinaryStream and classic BinaryStream to indicate that a BinaryStream created using a MemoryBlock will automatically re-size the MemoryBlock as needed to contain any additional data written to the stream.
42325 Language Reference » Documentation Remove XMLNamespaces class from LR since it is not actually used by anything.
43437 Language Reference » Documentation Removed irrelevant mac-specific version info from SpotlightQuery page.
43518 Language Reference » Documentation Updated Classic Dictionary page to note a previously unknown edge case when using Integer keys of different types.
44961 Language Reference » Documentation Added a Constants page for the Reference Guide:
45838 Language Reference » Documentation Updated FolderItem.Constructor page to indicate that PathTypeAbsolute, though deprecated, remains the default for backwards compatibility.
46048 Language Reference » Documentation Added sample code for iOSTable.CreateCustomCell.
46324 Language Reference » Documentation Corrected sample code on CGFloat page.
46365 Language Reference » Documentation Single now has missing Equals method shown on its Dev Center page and contains number range. Double now has missing info about NaN. Doc Wiki now redirects Double/Single to Dev Center.
46375 Language Reference » Documentation WebRadioGroup.CellTag, SelectedTag and SelectByTag pages now correctly show that a Variant is used for the tags.
46414 Language Reference » Documentation Corrected Text.Uppercase method description.
46415 Language Reference » Documentation Removed “not available” tag from Text.FromCString shared method.
46420 Language Reference » Documentation Moved MouseCursor info from Control page to RectControl page.
46482 Language Reference » Documentation Remove incorrect Linux note on Window.Maximize page.
46483 Language Reference » Documentation Window.Control is now shown as method and not a property.
46500 Language Reference » Documentation Updated Window.MenuBarVisible notes to reflect current OS behaviors.
46574 Language Reference » Documentation WebDeviceLocation page now includes a note that some browsers require a secure connection to the web app in order to get the location.
46628 Language Reference » Documentation Docs updated for WebRequest.GetRequestHeaderNames.
46652 Language Reference » Documentation Removed GDI+ info from Graphics.Transparency page.
46676 Language Reference » Documentation Updated Integer page to include size/ranges for 32-bit and 64-bit apps. Updated Integer (Size-Specific) page to indicate the sizes used by Integer/UInteger in 32-bit and 64-bit apps.
46677 Language Reference » Documentation Corrected “chunk” typos on Xojo.Core.MemoryBlock page.
46826 Language Reference » Documentation Corrected description on ListBox.ColumnAlignmentOffset page.
47165 Language Reference » Documentation Online search results from Dev Center have been improved.