2016r3 Release Notes

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(September 13, 2016)

This release of Xojo has these notable new features and changes:

  • You can now specify compiler options of Default, Moderate and Aggressive for 64-bit and ARM builds.
  • SQLiteDatabase upgraded to v3.14.1 and now supports FTS5 for full-text searching.
  • Many additions to refactoring features of the IDE and Code Editor.
  • Save Code Editor color schemes to easily share and re-use.
  • ICU library included with Linux builds for improved compatibility.
  • Can now easily convert Pictures in projects to Image Sets.
  • Over 90 bug fixes and improvements.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes (64 cases)

Case Area Description
44697 Build Web apps compiled for Linux no longer create app icons next to them as they are not needed.
44896 Build Build OS X Apps should no longer require defined document types and also not report as “damaged or incomplete” on macOS Sierra.
45056 Build Code signing iOS applications now strips out files that codesign calls "detritus" and would prevent signing from succeeding.
44370 Compiler Using Variant.DateValue in an iOS project now reports an error instead of a failed assertion.
44488 Crashes & Assertions » Crash Fixed a potential assertion when using FolderItem.GetSaveInfo, this may also change the behavior on Windows/Linux, but hopefully the change means it actually works as intended now.
44359 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception The IDE now tries several different locations to get a usable temp/scratch folder. This should prevent possible crashes when the IDE is left open for long periods of time.
44635 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception Saving as plain text with items that would result in illegal file names now says why the project cant be saved as plain text giving the user a chance to fix the issue.
43311 Framework » All The UTI property of a filetype accessed at runtime now contains the filetype rather than always being blank.
44675 Framework » All Windows: System.MouseX and System.MouseY now report the correct point location in HiDPI.
44890 Framework » All For ListBox column widths, made these changes: - values like NNN.NNN* (whatever else) are rewritten as NNN* - values like NNN.NNN% (whatever else) are rewritten as NNN.NNN% - values like NNN (whatever else) are rewritten as NNN For example: 123.123*456*&^, 123.123%456%&^, 123.123cm turns into 123*, 123.123%, 123 Measures like cm, pixel, em etc are not valid for widths.
44904 Framework » All Threads that are doing MySQL database operations no longer get "lost" when the operation completes.
44614 Framework » Windows Xojo.Crypto no longer crashes on Windows for Console builds.
44615 Framework » Windows Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket events are now triggered for Console apps on Windows.
44852 Framework » Windows On Windows TextArea.Styledtext.RTFData now stores the correct text size again, this was broken in 2016r2.
44857 Framework » Windows Xojo.Crypto.PBKDF2 no longer returns random hash values for the same salt and data on Windows (32-bit builds).
44878 Framework » Windows On Windows TextArea.SelTextSize now returns the correct text size again, this was broken in 2016r2.
44778 Framework » iOS IOS tool buttons are enabled / disabled as set in the Layout Editor.
44944 Framework » iOS Default orientation of iOSLine is now 0 (east west).
44947 Framework » iOS Default max value for iOSProgressBar is now 100.
44949 Framework » iOS Default max value for iOSSlider is now 100.
44950 Framework » iOS Default text color for iOSButton is now “iOS Blue”.
44609 IDE Made it so brand new projects will enable the "Save" menu item. This works for built in default empty projects and user created templates as well.
44618 IDE The class super browser now shows iOSContainerControl and its subclasses.
44751 IDE Images now store their full and relative paths explicitly as UTF8 to improve compatibility between Windows, Mac and Linux.
44870 IDE Deleting the ContainerControl that is set to be the content provider for a ScrollableArea no longer causes an exception.
44970 IDE Opening and closing preferences no longer switches window ordering.
44472 IDE » AutoLayout Aligning to a center constraint no longer retains the offset (as that’s not needed when you align to a centering guide).
44913 IDE » Build Automation Copy File Step can be added to on Linux using the + button. Note: Drag and drop does for Copy File Step does not work on Linux.
44588 IDE » Code Editor Getting shortcut keys with shift modifiers working properly for certain keys (like 0-9,-+\;’,./[]`). This fix makes the Bookmark shortcut key work in the Windows IDE.
44689 IDE » Code Editor Syntax Help area maintains the same color scheme as the code editor itself.
44753 IDE » Code Editor Undoing one of the "wrap in" code assistants properly removes the beginning and ending lines for the wrapper.
44919 IDE » FileIO Fixed a small issue in text project format when writing shared methods where there’s an extra space.
44812 IDE » FileTypes Editor UTI name field won’t let you create an invalid identifier name.
44767 IDE » Find & Replace Items found by a search that are in external classes in modules are properly revealed again. This also fixes the same issue with Project > Go To Location menu item.
44597 IDE » Inspector Adding a second auto-layout rule for the same edge edits the correct one.
44792 IDE » Inspector Non-release version is incremented and updated in the property inspector as expected.
44801 IDE » Inspector iOS tool buttons present the right image property editor when a project is reloaded.
44536 IDE » Language Reference Fixed issue on Doc wiki that results in MemoryBlock.Ptr not going to the correct target.
44500 IDE » Layout Editor iOSToolButtons with a style of Done or Done Style now render in bold in the layout editor.
44577 IDE » Layout Editor The Layout Editor for iOSContainerControl and iOSCustomTableCell no longer show the unneeded device button on the command bar.
44578 IDE » Layout Editor iOS layouts load correctly and apply auto-layout rules to layout upon initial opening in a size other than the iPhone 4 default.
44599 IDE » Layout Editor iOS Container Controls draw contents again when placed on other views.
44652 IDE » Layout Editor OS X Retina IDE properly draws ContainerControl's right and bottom borders.
44794 IDE » Layout Editor Editing the column names of a WebListBox now properly indicates that the document has unsaved changes.
44802 IDE » Layout Editor iOS tool buttons can no longer be resized vertically.
44860 IDE » Layout Editor Copy and paste of controls from one pane of a tab/page panel to another works again. This fix preserves the fix for copying a tab / page panel from one window to another (see case 41779).
44948 IDE » Layout Editor Don’t allow locked controls on any layout type to be moved, regardless of whether it’s by a drag or the keyboard.
44601 IDE » Library iOS library has missing project items added to it.
44602 IDE » Library Image project item is in Library Project Items section for Desktop and Web projects.
31364 IDE » Miscellaneous Structure editor allows blank and comment lines in a definition and properly calculates sizes and offsets (ignoring the blank and comment lines).
44444 IDE » Miscellaneous Copy paste of text representations of various code items works much better Dynamic constants with multiple representations are NOT part of this
44445 IDE » Miscellaneous Copy paste of text representations of various code items works much better Dynamic constants with multiple representations are NOT part of this
44470 IDE » Miscellaneous Copy paste of text representations of various code items works much better Dynamic constants with multiple representations are NOT part of this
44646 IDE » Miscellaneous Removed extraneous space in XML project format bookmark tag.
44663 IDE » Miscellaneous XML projects now properly reload saved Bookmarks.
44810 IDE » Miscellaneous An exception that could occur when you delete an event implementation while you have it open in the code editor with the autocomplete list showing has been fixed.
44845 IDE » Miscellaneous Image sets correctly post warnings when images do not meet the specification for the item.
44666 IDE » Navigator Fixed an issue in importing multi-item module files that meant the top level items could not see their contents right away.
44731 IDE » Navigator Folders at the same level of the project hierarchy should not have or be allowed to have duplicate names.
44732 IDE » Navigator Undoing the move of an item that would cause a name conflict (and so was renamed as part of the move) now undoes the name change as well.
44641 IDE » Scripting Changed the key to perform Open Script instead of Run Script to: OS X - the control key Windows & Linux - the Alt key This makes the shortcut to edit a script cmd+option+ctrl+digit on OS X and ctrl+shift+alt+digit on Windows.
44762 IDE » Scripting IDE no longer sets up more than 10 shortcuts for IDE script (which previously resulted in duplicate shortcuts).
21043 IDE » Web Page Editor WebLabel with right-aligned style draws in the IDE properly.
44452 Remote Debugger Stub Remote Debugger Stub now reports an error when it cannot launch or unpack the file being sent to it.

Changes (28 cases)

Case Area Description
43121 Framework » All Picture.CopyColorChannels now returns a new Picture with the extracted color information (excluding the alpha or mask portion).
43956 Framework » All SQLiteDatabase has been upgraded to sqlite v3.14.1.
44422 Framework » Linux Statically linking in ICU library again since there's no great ABI stability guarantee across ICU versions and it's problematic for users to get the right one installed.
21354 Framework » Macintosh UTI and all other UTI properties (Mime Types, conforms to, imported/exported, etc.) are exposed for use in code.
44959 Framework » Windows Windows builds now require SSE2 instruction set.
44906 IDE Single and double quotes are no longer replaced with smart versions regardless of settings on OS X.
44334 IDE » Build Automation Added a contextual menu to the copy file steps editor that includes Show On Disk and Open File options.
20397 IDE » Code Editor Added “Wrap in #if false / #endif” to the Code Editor contextual menu.
44754 IDE » Code Editor Added “Wrap in For Next” to the Code Editor contextual menu.
43834 IDE » FileTypes Editor File Type editor has collapse all / expand all button.
42153 IDE » Find & Replace Search field selects its contents when focus is set to it.
43641 IDE » Layout Editor Dragging control(s) while holding the shift key after you start dragging will restrict the move to horizontal or vertical.
36681 IDE » Library The library now has two “All” entries: * One is "All Controls" which lists every control - built-in and custom subclasses in the project * The other is "All Built-in Controls" which is just built-in controls for the project type
8366 IDE » Miscellaneous Updated the extract constant process. A dialog now allows you to override suggested named, type, scope and value.
12376 IDE » Miscellaneous When selecting the online references you have the option to use the IDE's built in browser or whatever third party browser is set as your default to handle http URL’s.
28367 IDE » Miscellaneous Updated the Xojo and Realbasic main project icons (for text project format) to have a solid color background to distinguish them from other project icons.
31882 IDE » Miscellaneous Added Shell to Library for Desktop, Web and Console projects.
35263 IDE » Miscellaneous Double clicking a resource file for a Xojo text format project, opens the project.
43810 IDE » Miscellaneous Navigator Preferences now have a separate panel and are no longer part of the General panel.
29528 IDE » Navigator Made it so the text header rows in the Navigator only allow you to add the same type of item as the header clicked. For instance if you right-click on "Methods" you can only add a new method (since thats the group you right-clicked). Same for all other headers.
33094 IDE » Navigator Right click on "Contents" in the Navigator now allows you to insert project items.
43335 IDE » Navigator The Get / Set sections of a computed property now draw in bold if they have code.
4912 IDE » Project Editor Extracting a superclass from an existing subclass will insert a new class between the old super and subclass.
10131 IDE » Project Editor When the dialog stating a project is from a newer version is shown there is now the option to cancel.
20638 IDE » Project Editor An XML file dropped into a project will import as RAW DATA if it’s not an XML project or other exported XML project items (classes, windows, modules, etc).
21178 IDE » Project Editor Extract Super now lets you extract all "code item" types including methods, properties, constants, delegates, enumerations, external methods, menu handlers, shared methods, shared properties, structures and using clauses.
21188 IDE » Window Editor In the Layout Editor, locked controls are now locked from movement and deletion.
44925 Miscellaneous Added iPad Pro icon size to iOSImageMaker.

New Items (11 cases)

Case Area Description
39277 Compiler For 64-bit Desktop, Raspberry Pi, and iOS builds: There is a new Shared Build setting called "Optimization Level" that allows each project to select a balance of compile time against optimization time. "Default" is the fastest compile time, "Moderate" is a blend of both optimization and compile time, and "Aggressive" provides the most optimization with longest compilation time.
41645 Database Plugins SQLiteDatabase now supports FTS5.
16317 Framework » All Adding the attribute HideFromLibrary to a control subclass will make it not appear in the libraries list of All Controls or Project Controls.
44855 Framework » All Add ConsoleApplication.SleepCurrentThread, which behaves the same as the existing Application.SleepCurrentThread method.
44831 IDE » Constant Editor Multiline string editors disable automatic text replacements (such as swapping standard quotes to curly quotes).
20580 IDE » Miscellaneous IDE can import and export color schemes as XML (from the Coding preference pane).
20594 IDE » Miscellaneous You can now right-click an item in the Library to get a popup menu that lets you create a new subclass from the item.
42676 IDE » Miscellaneous Preferences -> General now has a setting for how many recent items to remember.
44493 IDE » Miscellaneous Put the "Number of recent items" back in the preferences so users can control this independently of the system setting.
44419 IDE » Navigator You can now use the contextual menu to select Pictures in the Navigator to convert them to Image Sets. The selected picture becomes the first image in the newly created Image Set.
44626 IDE » Navigator Right clicking on an existing event now has a "Create New Event Definition From Event" item in the contextual menu that creates a new event definition from the existing event with the same name, parameters and return type.

Docs and Examples (13 cases)

Case Area Description
44566 Documentation Removed use of ReadShort from example on BinaryStream page.
44593 Documentation Corrected sample code for iOSTable.AddRow to use iOSTable.CreateCell.
44736 Documentation Update IIS deployment page with link to an external guide for IIS reverse proxy configuration.
44766 Documentation Added Enumeration concept page to Reference Guide.
44887 Documentation Clarified several things about Registry item creation on RegistryItem.Constructor page.
36707 Documentation » Miscellaneous Updated Intro to Programming with Xojo, Teacher Guide and iOS addendum.
24414 Examples GasReport example project has improved report formatting and layout.
44561 Examples Updated iOSHTTPSocketExample to use https to be compatible with iOS 9 and later.
44808 Examples Fixed bugs in CanvasScrolling example.
44823 Examples ListBoxDragAndDrop example now saves FolderItem object rather than using NativePath.
44923 Examples Combit List & Label 21 example now available in the Printing and Reporting folder.
44952 Examples Updated iOS XojoClicker example to use Image Sets and iOSTable.CreateCell.
44873 Language Reference » Documentation LR docs regarding TextArea.SelTextSize updated.