2016r2.1 Release Notes

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(August 9, 2016)

This release fixes important issues found in Xojo 2016r2.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes (22 cases)

Case Area Description
44664 Crashes & Assertions » Crash Fixed a bug in the reloading of a text project that had an external script located on a volume that is different than the one containing the project.
44616 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception An exception that caused certain web projects to not function in r2 has been fixed.
44714 Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled Exception IDE no longer crashes if an iOSScrollArea's height or width is zero pixels.
44590 Framework » All PerformAction is now triggered properly again, for those implementing the ActionNotificationReceiver interface
44608 Framework » All Fixed failed assertions in RuntimeThread.cpp relating to detached threads that would occur with certain database queries (particularly MySQL).
44622 Framework » All Fixed a regression that caused applications to hang when the last non-main thread exited and the main thread had recently been unblocked.
44644 Framework » All The Socket LocalAddress property again deals gracefully with a complete lack of connected network interfaces.
44683 Framework » All Thread.Resume now only resumes sleeping and suspended threads. Threads that are blocked waiting for locks will stay waiting.
44704 Framework » All Resuming a suspended thread when the main thread is the only actively running thread now works correctly. This was a regression in 2016r2.
44525 Framework » Web Fixed a regression which meant that setting a WebImageView to the same picture would push the image down to the browser again, even if it hadn't changed.
44551 Framework » Web WebImageViews defined by a URL and set in the IDE load properly again.
44700 Framework » Web Fix a bug which prevented Reverse Proxy headers from being parsed correctly in Standalone apps.
44741 Framework » Web Fixed a regression which caused pictures to not contain their name when dragged into a web project.
44514 Framework » iOS iOSPicturePicker no longer requires a Cancelled event handler to be present in order to cancel the picker.
44576 Framework » iOS iOSToolbuttons honor dynamic constants. Note that iOS simulators may not show this as there is a bug in setting their locale and language that is not under Xojo's control.
44659 Framework » iOS iOSTable contents are no longer inset.
44668 Framework » iOS Fixed iOSTables having section headers with a white background.
44752 Framework » iOS iOSTable now uses the the most derived methods when calling data sources.
44693 IDE » Icon Editor Importing a PNG into the app icon no longer causes an exception on Windows.
44656 IDE » Layout Editor iOS Tool buttons reload as positioned when the project was saved.
42764 IDE » Miscellaneous Window's destructor no longer raises an exception if called from a thread.
44658 IDE » Miscellaneous Floating Library palette now displays again.

Changes (2 cases)

Case Area Description
44586 Build Pipeline DMGs are now signed for use with macOS 10.12 Sierra.
44548 IDE » Icon Editor Now supports iPad Pro app icon.