2016r1.1 Release Notes

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(May 3, 2016)

This release fixes important issues found in Xojo 2016r1.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes (17 cases)

Case Area Description
43588 Framework Windows/Linux: Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder.GetResource no longer crashes the second time it is called.
43483 Build Long compile times for web projects have been fixed. Things should be speedy once again.
43358 Database Plugins MySQL Plugin no longer crashes when closing the database.
42563 Framework » All SMTPSecureSocket no longer throws an OutOfBoundsException when the SIZE command from the server doesn't contain a value.
43490 Framework » Linux BMPs dragged into a project, with a Mask set, no longer raise a NilObjectException when app is launched.
43594 Framework » Linux Linux: Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket no longer nullifies all request content when sending POST requests Case #43594
41625 Framework » Windows Windows SaveAsDialog no longer returns the wrong name if anywhere in the file's path contains a period in it.
43399 Framework » Windows Xojo.Crypto.RSAGenerateKeyPair no longer crashes on Windows.
43520 IDE » Code Editor Menus enable properly restoring cut/copy/paste in certain projects. The issue was that a non-frontmost editor, in this case the asset catalog editor, was getting a chance to enable menu items but since it was empty cut/copy/paste were disabled which affected the code editor.
43217 IDE » Find & Replace No longer crashes when searching.
43386 IDE » Language Reference New LR viewer window no longer causes high CPU usage on Windows.
43287 IDE » Layout Editor Fixed an issue with Page panels that have just a single panel.
41981 IDE » Miscellaneous Relocating missing project assets shows a prompt again on OS X 10.11.
43306 IDE » Navigator Duplication speed should be vastly improved.
43291 IDE » Web Page Editor Improved the speed of the Web editor on Retina/HiDPI screens.
43316 IDE » Web Page Editor IDE display matches how WebText fields appears at runtime.
43460 Remote Debugger Stub Windows IDE no longer crashes when debug app quits.