2016 Release Highlights

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2016 Release 4

Windows Improvements

  • Windows HiDPI support is finalized and no longer beta.
  • The IDE on Windows is now HiDPI.
  • The Windows Graphics subsystem now uses Direct2D and DirectWrite for improved drawing speed and modern graphics support.
  • You can now opt to include Windows Runtime DLLs alongside your built app.

IDE Improvements

  • New Navigator Filter search terms.
  • Extract Method feature improved.
  • IDE tab handling and back/forward work much better.
  • New IDE Communication protocol.

2016 Release 3

Compiler Optimizations

  • You can now specify compiler optimizations for your 64-bit and ARM builds in the Shared Build Settings. Optimization Levels are: Default, Moderate and Aggressive.

SQLite Updates

  • The SQLiteDatabase class has been upgraded to v3.14.1 and now supports FTS5 for full-text searching.

Code Editor

  • There have been many enhancements and additions to the Code Editor refactoring capabilities (Extract Method, Constant, etc.).


  • The ICU library is now included with Linux builds for improved compatibility.

2016 Release 2

New iOS Features

  • Many new iOS features have been added, including:
    • Table scroll to row
    • Table row actions
    • Table editing
    • Table re-ordering
    • Table Custom Cells
    • Location control
    • Motion class
    • PicturePicker control
    • ScrollableArea control
    • SharingPanel control
    • Launch images no longer needed
    • Add toolbar buttons to Navigation Bar and toolbar from layout editor

HiDPI Web support

  • You can now easily enable HiDPI web apps by turning on the Supports Retina/HiDPI property in Shared Build Settings.

Improvements to HiDPI Windows support

  • Windows HiDPI support remains in beta, but has been substantially improved.

2016 Release 1

HiDPI Desktop support

  • You can now easily create HiDPI (Retina) apps for macOS by turning on the Supports Retina/HiDPI property in Shared Build Settings. Windows HiDPI support is beta. For more information, read the UserGuide:HiDPI Support topic.

Language Reference Viewer

  • The language reference viewer has been completely redesigned and re-organized and now uses off-line content for faster lookups and searching. For the latest documentation, go online:

Windows Universal Runtime

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