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(December 17, 2015)

Xojo 2015r4 is primarily a bug fix release. Some notable improvements include:

  • Added CGFloat data type to make it easier to create Declares to iOS and OS X Cocoa frameworks.
  • The Code Editor is now noticeably faster when working with large projects.
  • You can use the TextAlign property to more easily set the alignment for web text controls.
  • Added SecureAuth property to MySQLDatabase to allow connections to pre-4.1.1 authentication protocols.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes (106 cases)

Case Area Description
41650 Build Build progress dialog identifies Windows x86-64 builds in the same manner as OS X and Linux x86-64 builds.
41533 Build Pipeline The folder icon on OS X is high-resolution again.
39626 Compiler Operator_Lookup’s name can now be a Text parameter and not just String.
40140 Compiler Fixed a bug that could result in an error dialog being presented for every resource in the project that failed to be copied to the executable’s resources folder.
41233 Compiler Fixed a bug with the compiler’s handling of Boolean values when targeting 64-bit or ARM.
41352 Compiler Fixed a bug that would prevent extremely large structures from working when building for 64-bit or ARM.
41450 Compiler Fixed link errors regarding 'oleaut32' when building for 64-bit OS X.
41485 Compiler Fixed a crash that could occur when canceling compilation.
41491 Compiler Fixed building Windows console and service applications from a case-sensitive filesystem.
41617 Compiler Fixed a bug that could cause problems with incremental compiling if a class or module had “Using” clauses.
41626 Compiler Worked around a bug in 10.7 that causes a kernel panic during linking.
39027 Database Plugins MSSQLServerDatabase PreparedStatement now works properly for SQLSelect instead of always returning Nil.
40739 Database Plugins ODBCDatabase no longer crashes when retrieving large SQL columns.
39686 Debugger The debugger once again shows ByRef parameter values correctly.
11115 Framework » All XML exceptions no longer 'skip' exception handlers.
41560 Framework » All SMTPSecureSocket no longer fails with 503 TLS already negotiated when the server sends the capabilities list more than once.
41345 Framework » Linux Return menu shortcut now works, also now differentiates the "Return" key from the "Enter (keypad)" shortcut.
39224 Framework » Macintosh (Cocoa) Xojo.IO.FolderItem is now usable on OS X without crashing.
41328 Framework » Macintosh (Cocoa) Since drawers are no longer supported the “Drawer” choice for a Window type has been removed.
41747 Framework » Macintosh (Cocoa) Text.Join now works correctly if the separator character is non-ASCII. This only affected OS X and iOS.
31191 Framework » Web WebMapLocation no raises an exception if the provider returns zero locations for an address.
38890 Framework » Web WebSessions no longer die when the client moves from network to network.
41115 Framework » Web WebPicture no longer results in Nil picture data when defined from a FolderItem.
41130 Framework » Web WebPicture no longer uses twice as much memory as necessary when defined from a Picture object source.
41295 Framework » Web External web control wrappers no longer cause JavaScript errors.
41362 Framework » Web Gradients now work properly on IE Edge.
41365 Framework » Web Setting a WebFile with the data from a MemoryBlock now works if the previous value was from a FolderItem.
41652 Framework » Web WebMapViewer no longer uses the deprecated Sensor url parameter.
39543 Framework » Windows (Windows/Linux) Picture.Open now honors JPEG's orientation flag and flips/rotates the picture as necessary.
40331 Framework » Windows RegistryItem.Value no longer fails to expand a REG_EXPAND_SZ field properly if its expanded size is greater than 260 characters. This change also separates the REG_SZ and REG_EXPAND_SZ KeyTypes. See docs for RegistryItem.KeyType.
41202 IDE Image in the icon editor shows a scaled thumbnail immediately instead of after you edit the icon set.
41213 IDE The UI correctly reflects that "This Computer" is selected when you load an example.
41301 IDE Removed blank menu items.
41685 IDE Images of all kinds draw their explanatory text in black not grey
7536 IDE » Auto Complete True and False appear in autocomplete suggestions following a pragma statement.
7725 IDE » Auto Complete Control array names now autocomplete in code editors.
8026 IDE » Auto Complete Structures autocomplete beyond the first level when you have structures that contain structures.
41677 IDE » Auto Complete Image Set names autocomplete where expected.
41549 IDE » Build Automation Copy Files Steps copy to the correctly named directories for Windows builds whether you use build folders or not.
13194 IDE » Code Editor Bookmarks and break points no longer get dropped when you delete whole lines prior to the bookmark / breakpoint.
14975 IDE » Code Editor Index parameter on control arrays is no longer reported as an unused local variable.
38709 IDE » Code Editor Deleting a group of items now resets the selection.
40564 IDE » Code Editor Fixes to the IDE restored typing speed
41218 IDE » Code Editor Make the syntax help area at the bottom of the code editor scrollable when necessary.
41478 IDE » Code Editor When editing an IDE build script (Insert > Build Steps > Script) pressing CMD+UpArrow, CMD+DownArrow, home or end no longer causes an exception.
41511 IDE » Code Editor Code editor indents as expected when you add code to a line that starts as if <condition> then to make it a one line if statement.</condition>
41530 IDE » Code Editor Members that are private now only show in autocomplete when in scope/accessible.
41577 IDE » Code Editor Typing speed should be back to normal (if not better than it has been recently).
41584 IDE » Code Editor Use of proportional fonts (like System 0) in the Code Editor no longer lead to strange insertion point positions.
41665 IDE » Code Editor Spaces are now trimmed from lines when copying and pasting multiple lines.
41425 IDE » Constant Editor Turned off styles in the constant default value editor.
40836 IDE » FileIO Template projects will save with the default name of “untitled” instead of the name of the template project.
41382 IDE » FileIO Special characters, like umlauts, in the team name do not cause error in text projects.
41290 IDE » Find & Replace After reloading a web project, search properly searches all items.
39810 IDE » Inspector An illegal cast exception that could arise when naming methods and properties similarly on a web page has been fixed.
41123 IDE » Inspector WebSDK tray controls do not show the style property.
41241 IDE » Inspector Tightened up the spacing in the Compatibility Flags (on the Advanced Inspector) so they better fit on a normal Inspector widths.
41337 IDE » Inspector Changes to database properties for DataControl are now retained.
41411 IDE » Inspector Web Deployment popups are the right size and not truncated.
41492 IDE » Inspector Changing a web style name commits the change if you change the style name and do not press enter/return/tab and add an new style element.
41519 IDE » Inspector Changing the iOS debug device marks the project as changed.
41550 IDE » Inspector Pressing enter when you select the module name in the inspector no longer beeps on Windows OS.
41641 IDE » Inspector External Objective C methods retain all aspects of their declaration and no longer drop the selector when copying and pasting.
41713 IDE » Inspector Can now use Int64 with Inspector Behavior.
41545 IDE » Language Reference Language reference jumps to the correct location online or locally with the newer documentation sets.
41228 IDE » Layout Editor Fixed a regression with copy/pasting controls between layouts so that names are properly retained if possible or assigned a new name if necessary.
41417 IDE » Layout Editor When adding controls to layouts they will adopt the last used Scope setting as code items (constants, properties, methods, etc) do. However since controls only have Public and Private as options for scope if you set a code item to Protected then add a control it will default to Private. Subsequent items will also be added as Private.
41438 IDE » Layout Editor Tray controls can’t be parents of visual controls (this includes toolbars since they are kind of "special" in this regard).
41514 IDE » Layout Editor Locked positions for controls in web layouts properly save and restore.
41779 IDE » Layout Editor Paste of a copied page panel that has controls on different panels is handled correctly again.
41361 IDE » Library Fixed up ordering and grouping of items in all Library set ups to make them more consistent from project type to project type.
57 IDE » Miscellaneous Custom properties on menu item subclasses now show in the Inspector.
15475 IDE » Miscellaneous Toolbar (Desktop) is now properly compiled so that you can create classes that subclass it.
21815 IDE » Miscellaneous Binary project files (and by extension XML) write out tab order for non-UI controls in the same manner as text projects do: all write this as -1.
23861 IDE » Miscellaneous Tab names stay up to date with the item name as it’s changed.
23907 IDE » Miscellaneous Undo entry after drag and drop now correctly displays “Drag & Drop”.
35599 IDE » Miscellaneous Text on the dialog shown when creating a control set is now correct.
40500 IDE » Miscellaneous Any time ChrB(0) is sent to a DebugLog, it is replaced by a space to ensure proper log display.
41019 IDE » Miscellaneous PSD's import with their transparency into the File Type Set editor.
41154 IDE » Miscellaneous Fixed a NilObjectException that cold occur when pressing stop while in the middle of sending to a remote stub.
41201 IDE » Miscellaneous Require UTI's to use the correct character set but does NOT enforce the basic style (reverse domain name).
41279 IDE » Miscellaneous Right clicking on a row in the Errors panel no longer causes an exception in some circumstances.
41287 IDE » Miscellaneous Cancelling the run of a web app when the dialog asking if you want to keep waiting pops up no longer causes an exception.
41311 IDE » Miscellaneous Cancelling an update that is in progress no longer causes an exception.
41350 IDE » Miscellaneous Remaining activations message no longer shows "%1 remaining" but the actual number of remaining activations.
41353 IDE » Miscellaneous MP4 files, when dragged into a project, are handled as video, not audio. Projects with existing items that are shown as MP4 audio are not modified.
41360 IDE » Miscellaneous File Type Sets Editor now resizes appropriately when initially opened.
41516 IDE » Miscellaneous Breakpoints and bookmarks save and restore more accurately.
41521 IDE » Miscellaneous Fixed an issue where the UTI editor would have focus rings that bleed into unselected areas.
41522 IDE » Miscellaneous Tab order on an individual File Types UTI pane is more sensible.
41543 IDE » Miscellaneous Closing one of many Workspace windows on a dirty document no longer prompts to save when you close the first window. Instead you are prompted to save when you close the last window.
39754 IDE » Navigator Inappropriate Cut/CopyDelete/Etc no longer appear for menu items in the Navigator.
41321 IDE » Navigator Tooltips work more consistently in the Navigator.
41351 IDE » Navigator Numeric constant icons now show as the “.01” icon in the Navigator.
41424 IDE » Navigator Fixed cosmetic issue in Navigator where fragments of the second line of a multiline value would sometimes show.
41629 IDE » Navigator Adding an event to an item that is shown as a result of the filtering will clear the filter and reveal the newly added event so you can edit it.
41635 IDE » Navigator It is no longer possible to insert a container control into a console project.
29361 IDE » Project Editor Badging of controls scope is consistent with what’s done for code items like methods and properties.
15865 IDE » Scripting ProjectItem IDE Script method returns the full path within the project to the currently selected project item.
41421 IDE » Scripting Toolbar on Script Editor window properly shows as active and enabled as appropriate.
15076 IDE » Web Page Editor The IDE's representation of how a browser will draw a multiline label is more accurate, although it may still vary from what different browsers will do.
24745 IDE » Web Page Editor When you edit a WebRadioGroup, WebToolbar and WebSegmentedControl and select an element the Inspector is immediately made visible.
24061 IDE » Window Editor The default events for layouts and containers is the Open event and it will be selected when adding events if it has not been added already.
41683 Miscellaneous iOS ImageMaker utility image exports now use filenames for App Icons and Launch Images that include the size and scale. Also updated text instructions, added About dialog, and auto-select all sizes for export.
41757 Miscellaneous Windows installers no longer run on Windows XP.
41811 Remote Debugger Stub Empty menu items have been removed.

Changes (24 cases)

Case Area Description
20291 Compiler Added a TargetWindows constant that evaluates to True when running on Windows.
41379 Compiler Warning message about suspicious use of Declares has been updated to be clearer about what is being reported. It now report with a message like the following: “The method "foo" in User32.dll" does not appear to be available on OS X” The specific method, library and target are used in the message.
13421 Framework » All ListBoxes now support up to 256 visible columns.
40510 Framework » All SQLiteDatabase updated to SQLite version 3.9.2.
41304 Framework » Web WebFile and WebPictures now use ETags in addition to modification dates for caching.
41389 Framework » Web Removed IE8/ExCanvas support from WebGraphics.DrawString.
40778 Framework » Web » Frame The web framework now recognizes the Epiphany browser on Raspberry Pi.
41323 Framework » Web » WebButton WebDragItem now has OriginX and OriginY properties which indicate the X and Y coordinate within the Sender WebControl where the drag began.
12132 IDE » Code Editor Changing a plain property to a computed property creates the computed property with the same scope as the original.
37405 IDE » Code Editor Code editor tip area shows signature + description if there is one.
40852 IDE » Inspector Build Settings Command Line property is now multiline.
41374 IDE » Inspector Made it so it’s much harder for users to overlook the list of missing interfaces a class may be implementing by listing them first, in red, with a tag that says "missing”.
16879 IDE » Layout Editor Controls that have a hidden attribute no longer show in the Project Controls section of the Library.
2864 IDE » Miscellaneous Make it so Cmd+Opt+digit are assigned in successive order to IDE scripts added to the IDE Scripts menu.
5003 IDE » Miscellaneous Close button on issue resolution dialog becomes the default once all items are resolved.
5381 IDE » Miscellaneous When renaming a class external item supers are also renamed and the Navigator is updated.
15940 IDE » Miscellaneous Newly added labels now default the Transparent property to True.
41385 IDE » Miscellaneous Interface list will resize itself up to 75% of the window height that its being opened on if you have not resized it. If you stretch it larger (width and height) it will reopen at a max of the window height and width.
41564 IDE » Miscellaneous There is a new applies to "NONE" so you can disable a step without having to drag it out of the build step list.
38156 IDE » Navigator Filtering shows results ordered by how closely an item matches the given filter string based on the Levenshtein distance of the match from the filter string.
23955 IDE » Project Editor The Description property in the Inspector is now multiline.
29503 IDE » Web Page Editor The Target field of a WebToolbar container item now uses a PopupMenu to select containers from the project.
10845 IDE » Window Editor Each tab of a tab panel can now be set using a constant to allow for localization.
35690 Miscellaneous iOS ImageMaker now allows you to drag PNG images onto the App Icon Canvas.

New Items (5 cases)

Case Area Description
41248 Database Plugins Added MySQLCommunityServer.SecureAuth property which is True by default. This property allows users to authenticate using old password hashes (i.e. pre-4.1.1 authentication protocol) if needed.
38261 Framework » All Added the CGFloat data type, which is aliases to Single on 32-bit builds and Double on 64-bit builds. This serves as a transitionary type until only 64-bit iOS and OS X builds are supported. At that point, CGFloat will be deprecated and Double should be used in its place.
40633 Framework » All Added CharacterSpacing property to Graphics class for Desktop apps. This property is expressed as a percentage of spacing between characters. Positive and negative values are accepted.
41607 Framework » Web Web Text Controls now have a TextAlign property. Valid values are Default (Inherit from parent), Left, Center and Right.
41571 IDE Image sets are now available in desktop projects.

Docs and Examples (12 cases)

Case Area Description
41788 Examples Added Examples/Advanced/MemoryBlock/FastStringAppend example.
41807 Examples Removed extra MenuItems from Window menu in WindowMenu example to fix an exception.
34457 Language Reference » Documentation Updated Color page in Dev Center with missing methods and information.
38563 Language Reference » Documentation Corrected sample code on VirtualVolume page.
39099 Language Reference » Documentation EasyTCPSocket.Error and EasyUDPSocket.Error links now go to the correct pages.
39373 Language Reference » Documentation Fixed typo in SQLiteDatabase.Backup sample code.
40362 Language Reference » Documentation Added HttpOnly parameter to WebSession.Cookies.Set page.
41252 Language Reference » Documentation Removed unnecessary known issue from Split page.
41498 Language Reference » Documentation MenuItem page now more clearly shows properties that are design-time only and has individual pages link to MenuItem.KeyboardShortCut, which is what you use to change these values at run-time.
41556 Language Reference » Documentation Updated search keywords so that searching the Dev Center for full namespace (such as Xojo.Net.HttpSocket) now displays HTTPSocket in the auto-complete.
41654 Language Reference » Documentation Corrected sample code on TextInputStream page.
41732 Language Reference » Documentation Updated IDE_Script page in wiki to refer to IDE Scripting sections in Xojo Dev Center.