2015 Release Highlights

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2015 Release 4


  • Added the CGFloat data type to make it easier to create Declares to native iOS and Mac frameworks.

Code Editor

  • The Code Editor is now noticeably faster when working with large projects.


  • You can use the TextAlign property to more easily set the alignment for web text controls.


  • Added SecureAuth property to MySQL to allow connections to pre-4.1.1 authentication protocols.

2015 Release 3

This is one of the largest release of Xojo ever, with hundreds of fixes, changes and new features. Here are some highlights.


  • The signature feature of this release is that you can now create 64-bit version of your desktop, web and console apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. This gives you access to more memory, improves performance and makes deployment easier. Read the UserGuide:64-Bit Guidelines for more information.

Raspberry Pi


  • Like the ContainerControl for desktop projects and the WebContainer for web projects, the iOSContainerControl allows you to combine multiple control into a single control that you can easily re-use on your iOS views.

File Type Sets

  • The File Type Set Editor has been complete recreated to better support Uniform Type Identifiers. You use this editor specify the types of files that your app can open and create, including custom icons.

Collect Project Items

  • The Collect Project Items feature (File ↠ Collect Project Items) puts all external project items (such as pictures) alongside the main project file for easier distribution.

iOSLabel Wrapping

  • You now have more control over how the text in your iOSLabels wraps when it is too wide to fit. Refer to the LineBreakMode property and the iOSLineBreakMode enumeration.

Code Bookmarks

  • Need to jump around to specific parts of your code? Now you can do it easily by setting a bookmark on a line of code.

Web Drag & Drop

  • This highly requested feature allows controls on a WebPage to be dragged and dropped onto other controls on the page.

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