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Property (As String )
aPrinterSetup.Settings = newStringValue
StringValue = aPrinterSetup.Settings

New in 2019r2

Supported for all project types and targets.

A value that represents all of the other properties.


When the user clicks OK in the Page Setup dialog box, this value will be populated. You can then store this value to store the user's Page Setup settings. Assigning one of these stored values to this property will then update all of the other properties restoring the page setup settings.


This example displays the Page Setup dialog box and then stores the settings the user chose in a variable:

Var s As String
Var pageSetup As New PrinterSetup
If pageSetup.ShowPageSetupDialog Then
s = pageSetup.Settings
End If

This example restores the page setup settings stored in a variable (s) and then displays the Page Setup dialog box with those settings:

Var pageSetup As New PrinterSetup
pageSetup.Settings = s
If pageSetup.ShowPageSetupDialog Then
s = PageSetup.Settings
End If