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Property (As FolderItem )
aPostgreSQLDatabase.SSLKey = newFolderItemValue
FolderItemValue = aPostgreSQLDatabase.SSLKey

Supported for all project types and targets.

Specifies the location for the secret key used for the client certificate. It can specify a file that will be used instead of the default ~/.postgresql/postgresql.key file.


This example specifies that the connection should try to use SSL using the specified certificate and secret key:

Var db As New PostgreSQLDatabase
db.Host = ""
db.SSLMode = PostgreSQLDatabase.SSLAllow
db.SSLCertificate = New FolderItem("LocalPGCertfile.crt")
db.SSLKey = New FolderItem("LocalKeyFile.key")
db.Port = 5432
db.DatabaseName = "BaseballLeague"
db.UserName = "broberts"
db.Password = "streborb"
// Use the database
Catch error As DatabaseException
MessageBox("Connection failed: " + error.Message)
End Try

See Also

PostgreSQLDatabase.SSLCertificate, PostgreSQLDatabase.SSLMode