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PopupMenu.RowTagAt(index As Integer) As Variant

Supported for all project types and targets.

A "hidden" identifier associated with the item identified by the row parameter (0-based).


If you want to compare the value of row tag to another value, you should first convert the Variant to it actual data type.


This example populates the RowTagAt identifier with a sequence number.

Var nItems As Integer
nItems = Me.RowCount - 1
For i As Integer = 0 To nItems
Me.RowTagAt(i) = i

Since a row tag is a Variant, you must first convert it to an Integer if you want to compare it to another Integer. Do this with an assignment statement such as:

Var recID As Integer
recID = ComboBox1.RowTagAt(1) // ComboBox inherits from PopupMenu so it also inherits the RowTagAt method

You can also use the CType function to do an explicit conversion to any other datatype. Then compare recID to another Integer: Displaying the row tag of the selected menu item:

TextField1.Value = ComboBox1.RowTagAt(ComboBox1.SelectedRowIndex)