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Shared Method

Picture.IsExportFormatSupported(format as Formats) As Boolean

Supported for all project types and targets.

Introduced 2010r3

Returns True if the passed format is supported for export.


This example checks to see that the format is supported for export prior to calling it:

Var imageData As String
Var bs As BinaryStream
Var f As FolderItem
If ImageWell1.Image <> Nil Then
// Get a temporary file to save the image to
If Picture.IsExportFormatSupported(Picture.Formats.JPEG) Then
f = SpecialFolder.Temporary.Child("TempImage.jpg")

// Save the image out to the file
ImageWell1.Image.Save(f, Picture.Formats.JPEG)
End If

// Open the file as a BinaryStream and read the data in
bs = BinaryStream.Open(f, False)
If bs <> Nil Then
imageData = bs.Read(bs.Length)
End If

// delete the temporary file if it exists
If f.Exists Then
End If
End If