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Class (inherits from SSLSocket)

Used to retrieve messages on a POP3 mail server using SSL or TLS encryption.

ConnectionEstablished MessageDeleted ServerAvailable
Disconnected MessageReceived ServerCommandReply
ListReceived RollbackSuccessful ServerError
LoginSuccessful SendComplete TopLinesReceived
MessageCount SendProgress

Address EncryptPassword Port
BytesAvailable fa-lock-32.png Handle fa-lock-32.png RemoteAddress fa-lock-32.png
BytesLeftToSend fa-lock-32.png IsConnected fa-lock-32.png SSLConnected fa-lock-32.png
CertificateFile LastErrorCode fa-lock-32.png SSLConnecting fa-lock-32.png
CertificatePassword LocalAddress fa-lock-32.png Secure
CertificateRejectionFile NetworkInterface Username
ConnectionType Password

CheckServerConnection DisconnectFromServer ReadAll
Close ListMessages RetrieveLines
Connect Listen RetrieveMessage
CountMessages Lookahead RollbackServer
DeleteMessage Poll SendServerCommand
Disconnect Purge


The POP3SecureSocket class is identical to the POP3Socket class, except that it is derived from the SSLSocket class instead of the TCPSocket class. This enables you to send secure email by setting the Secure property of the SSLSocket class.

If you use a constructor of a subclass of POP3SecureSocket, you must call the Super class's constructor in your subclass's constructor. The subclass will not work unless this is done.

Sample Code

The following code in the MessageReceived event handler places the body of an email message in a TextArea.

Sub MessageReceived(ID As Integer, email As EmailMessage)
Dim s As String
s = email.BodyHTML
If s = "" Then
s = email.BodyPlainText
End If
TextArea1.Text = s
End Sub

See Also

EmailMessage, HTTPSocket, POP3Socket, SMTPSecureSocket, SMTPSocket, SSLSocket, SocketCore, TCPSocket classes.]