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ODBCDatabase.SpecialColumns(IdentifierType as Integer,TableName as String, Scope as Integer, Nullable as Integer) As RecordSet

Supported for all project types and targets.

Retrieves the optimal set of columns that uniquely identifies a row in the table and columns that are automatically updated when any value in the row is updated by a transaction. Returns a RecordSet.


The IdentifierType must be either ODBCConstant.SQL_BEST_ROWID or ODBCConstant.SQL_ROWVER, indicating whether to return the optimal list of columns to uniquely identify a row or to return the columns that are automatically updated by a transaction.

Scope is the minimum required scope of the row ID, which must be either ODBCConstant.SQL_SCOPE_CURROW, ODBCConstant.SQL_SCOPE_TRANSACTION, or ODBCConstant.SQL_SCOPE_SESSION.

Nullable indicates whether to return columns that can have a NULL value, which must be either ODBCConstant.SQL_NO_NULLS or ODBCConstant.SQL_SQL_NULLABLE.

Microsoft provides additional information about the SQLSpecialColumns ODBC function.