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Class (inherits from Object)

A reference to a movie. Movie class objects have no events.

BaseMovieHeight fa-lock-32.png Handle fa-lock-32.png MovieWidth fa-lock-32.png
BaseMovieWidth fa-lock-32.png MovieHeight fa-lock-32.png


Movie objects can be accessed via the Movie property of a MoviePlayer control or when calling the OpenAsMovie method of a FolderItem object.

Windows and Linux Support

Although you can create a Movie object on Windows, its properties are only accurate if QuickTime is installed. On Linux, the Movie object properties are never accurate.


This example opens a movie on disk, assigns it to the movie property of a MoviePlayer object, and displays its height and width in TextFields.

Dim f As FolderItem
Dim m As Movie
f = GetFolderItem("")
m = f.OpenAsMovie
MoviePlayer1.Border = True
MoviePlayer1.Movie = m
MoviePlayer1.Controller = 2
TextField2.Text = Str(m.MovieHeight)
TextField3.Text = Str(m.MovieWidth)

See Also

OpenURLMovie function; MoviePlayer control.