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Property (As ListBox.CellTypes )
aListBox.ColumnTypeAt(columnNumber as Integer) = newListBox.CellTypesValue
ListBox.CellTypesValue = aListBox.ColumnTypeAt(columnNumber as Integer)

New in 2019r2

Supported for all project types and targets.

Sets the type for the passed column. The first column is numbered zero.


Column types are set using ListBox.CellTypes.


The following makes a column editable:

lb1.ColumnTypeAt(1) = ListBox.CellTypes.TextField

Disclosure triangles don't work in hierarchical ListBoxes if the CellType is TextField or TextArea. ColumnTypeAt can be overridden by CellType.

The following example makes a column a checkbox column and sets two of the values:

Me.ColumnTypeAt(4) = Listbox.CellTypes.Checkbox
Me.CellCheckBoxStateAt(0, 4) = CheckBox.VisualStates.Indeterminate
Me.CellCheckBoxStateAt(1, 4) = Checkbox.VisualStates.Checked


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