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ListBox.CellState(row as Integer, column as Integer) As CheckedStates

New in 2009r1

Supported for all project types and targets.

Used to get or set the state of the cell with the coordinates of row, column (zero-based). This assumes that the passed cell is a CheckBox cell. Use the CellType property to set a cell to a CheckBox cell. CheckedStates Enumeration is an Enum of the CheckBox class.


The CellState method enables you to get or set the value of a tri-state Checkbox cell. Any cell of type TypeCheckbox box can store one of three values: Checked, Unchecked, and Indeterminate.

To set up a cell as TypeCheckbox, use code such as this in the Open event:

Me.CellType(1, 0) = ListBox.TypeCheckBox

To change the state of the cell, use the CheckedStates enum of the CheckBox control:

ListBox1.CellState(1, 0) = Checkbox.CheckedStates.Indeterminate

The Indeterminate state places a minus sign in the checkbox macOS) or filled in checkbox (Windows and Linux).