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Property (As String )
aLabel.FontName = newStringValue
StringValue = aLabel.FontName

New in 2019r2

Supported for all project types and targets.

Name of the font used to display the caption or text content.


You can enter any font that is installed on the computer or the names of the two metafonts, “System” and “SmallSystem”.

The System font is the font used by the system software as its default font. Different operating systems use different default fonts. If the system software supports both a large and small System font, you can also specify the “SmallSystem” font as your TextFont.

On macOS, “SmallSystem” specifies the OS’s smaller system font. On Windows and Linux, “SmallSystem” is the same as “System”.


This example sets the font to Futura.

Me.FontName = "Futura"