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Group2D.Insert(Index as Integer, Object as Object2D)

Supported for all project types and targets.

Inserts the object passed to it at the specified location.

Sample Code

This example inserts a text string as the second object in the Group2D.

Dim px As PixmapShape
Dim s As StringShape
Dim s2 As StringShape
Dim d As New Group2D
Dim o As New Object2D

px = New PixmapShape(DSC_0343)

s = New StringShape
s.Y = 70
s.Text = "This is what I call a REAL car!"
s.TextFont = "Helvetica"
s.Bold = True

s2 = New StringShape

s2.Y = 20
s2.Text = "This is inserted text!"
s2.TextFont = "Helvetica"
s2.Bold = True
d.Insert(1, s2)

g.DrawObject(d, 100, 100)