Using SQLite

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These questions are related to working with SQLite.

Where can I find more information about SQLite in the docs?

First, be sure to check out the SQLite category: Category:SQLite.

We suggest you start with this SQLite Basics Tutorial.

The User Guide has several SQLite topics:

You may also find general database topics helpful:

Do you have resources about using SQLite and Xojo?

Yes, these videos are available:

You can find blog posts about Xojo and SQLite on the Xojo Programming Blog.

How do I use Full Text Searching?

Full Text Searching gives you a way to quickly search for text in a table. The UserGuide:SQLite Full Text Searching topic describes how you can use this feature.

You can also refer to these example projects:

  • Examples/Database/SQLite/FTSExample
  • Examples/Database/SQLite/FTS5Example

When should I use Write-Ahead Logging?

The UserGuide:SQLite Write-Ahead Logging topic talks about write-ahead logging and when it makes sense to use it.

How can I rename columns in a SQLite table?

SQLite has a limited ALTER TABLE command that does not directly allow you to rename a table column. You can workaround that by creating a new table and copying your data to it as described in the Renaming Columns topic.

The ability to rename columns was added to SQLite 3.25 which is available starting with Xojo 2018 Release 4.