Using SQLite

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These questions are related to working with SQLite.

Do you have any videos about SQLite?

Yes, these videos are available:

How do I use Full Text Searching?

Full Text Searching gives you a way to quickly search for text in a table. The UserGuide:SQLite Full Text Searching topic describes how you can use this feature.

You can also refer to these example projects:

  • Examples/Database/SQLite/FTSExample
  • Examples/Database/SQLite/FTS5Example

When should I use Write-Ahead Logging?

The UserGuide:SQLite Write-Ahead Logging topic talks about write-ahead logging and when it makes sense to use it.

How can I rename columns in a SQLite table?

SQLite has a limited ALTER TABLE command that does not directly allow you to rename a table column. You can workaround that by creating a new table and copying your data to it as described in the Renaming Columns topic.

The ability to rename columns was added to SQLite 3.25 which will be available in a future version of Xojo.