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Returns a TextEncoding object based on user-specified parameters.


result=GetTextEncoding (Base [,Variant, Format])

Part Type Description
result TextEncoding TextEncoding object.
Base Integer The type of encoding.
Variant Integer Specific variation of Base.
Format Integer Format-only used by Unicode for defining which format of Unicode you wish to use.


See the TextConverter class for the Base and Variant codes. The codes for Format are as follows:

Name Code
Default Format 0
Unicode16BitFormat 0
UnicodeUTF7Format 1
UnicodeUTF8Format 2
Unicode32BitFormat 3


The following example converts the text in a TextField:

Var c As TextConverter
c = GetTextConverter(GetTextEncoding(&h500), GetTextEncoding(0))
TextField2.Text = c.Convert(TextField1.Text)

See Also

ConvertEncoding, DefineEncoding, Encoding, GetTextConverter, GetFontTextEncoding, GetInternetTextEncoding functions; Encodings module; TextEncoding, TextConverter classes.