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DesktopListBox.RefreshCell(row as Integer, column as Integer)

New in 2021r3

Supported for all project types and targets.

Redraws the specified cell from scratch.


If you pass a -1 as the row or column parameter, it will redraw the specified entire row or column, i.e., RefreshCell(2, -1) redraws row number 2. The PaintCellBackground and PaintCellText events execute when RefreshCell is called.

RefreshCell should be necessary only if you are using a custom storage mechanism for your DesktopListBox data. If the contents of the DesktopListBox are stored in the DesktopListBox cells, the DesktopListBox will update automatically as needed.

This method doesn't have a high overhead if used unnecessarily since nothing will happen if the specified cell is not visible.


The following example redraws the specified cell.

Listbox1.RefreshCell(1, 0)