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DesktopListBox.DropObjectOnRow(x As Integer, y As Integer, obj As DragItem, action As Integer, row As Integer, parentRow As Integer, location As DropLocations)

New in 2021r3

Supported for all project types and targets.

Invoked when a drop has finished.


The row, parentRow, and location are the values previously set by the DragOverRow event handler.

The DropObject event fires after this event.


This code in the event handler shows the different values that can be passed for the Location parameter.

Select Case location
Case listbox.DropLocations.AfterAllRows
MessageBox "add row after all rows"
Case listbox.DropLocations.AfterRow
MessageBox "add row after rowindex = " + CStr(row)
Case listbox.DropLocations.OnControl
MessageBox "drop occurred ON control"
Case listbox.DropLocations.OnRow
MessageBox "add row to rowindex = " + CStr(row)
End Select

See Also

DragOverRow event, DropLocations enumeration.