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Property (As ListBox.CellTypes )
aDesktopListBox.CellTypeAt(Row as Integer, Column as Integer) = newListBox.CellTypesValue
ListBox.CellTypesValue = aDesktopListBox.CellTypeAt(Row as Integer, Column as Integer)

New in 2021r3

Supported for all project types and targets.

Sets the type of the passed cell.


The cell type can be set with DesktopListBox.CellTypes.


This code shows a checkbox in a single cell:

ListBox1.CellTypeAt(0, 4) = DesktopListbox.CellTypes.Checkbox // Cell in the 1st row, 5th column now shows a checkbox

To set or use the value of the Cell's checkbox see both the CellCheckBoxValueAt property (boolean) and CellCheckBoxStateAt method (Checked\Unchecked\Indeterminate). This code uses CellCheckboxStateAt to set the cell to be checked:

ListBox1.CellCheckBoxStateAt(0, 4) = DesktopCheckBox.VisualStates.Checked