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AddressBookData.Insert(Index as Integer, Label as String, NewValue as Variant )

Supported for all project types and targets.

Inserts NewValue identified by Label. Used to insert multi-value properties such as phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and so forth.


The label should be any of these constants (or literals) defined on AddressBookData:

The following class constants can be used to specify the Label parameter of the Insert method.

Constant Description
LabelHome Home
LabelHomeFax Home Fax
LabelMain Main
LabelMobile Mobile phone
LabelOther Other
LabelPager Pager
LabelWork Work
LabelWorkFax Work Fax

For anything other than phone numbers, the only valid labels are LabelHome, LabelWork, and LabelOther. Passing anything else will raise a RuntimeException. The Message property of the exception will explain the valid labels.

If the property being assigned a value is a custom property or a property that AddressBook the implementation does not know about, it will pass in the label given and not manipulate it in any way.